Bluefin Tuna Beware - our new MK 80WIIs are here!

by External link opens in new tab or windowtonys_tuna on 2012/06/22 2:24 PM


Gearing up for the upcoming PEI bluefin tuna charter season continues here at Tony's Tuna Fishing.  We have some nice hardware to add to those sexy rods we received from BDOutdoors now...


We just received our 3 new Maikara 80WII reels from John Bretza, Brandon Cotton, and the great crew at Okuma.   These reels are becoming very popular in the giant bluefin fishery on PEI.  We have used these reels for three years now, and we find them extremely durable and the superior drag system lets us put 50 to 60 pounds of drag on a fish for a long period, without worrying about something seizing up.  Year after year we put these reels through tortue and they never disappoint.



Looking forward to getting on one of these very very soon...


Captain Tony MacDonald


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